First Sunday in Advent

The tragic death of four young children in a house fire in Werribee, including the desperate efforts of their father to save them, has been on my mind today as I write these few words. As we gather today on this the first Sunday in Advent may we recall in our prayers the pain and suffering the survivors of this tragedy  – mum, dad, and the young boy  – will experience throughout their lives at the loss of innocent loved ones, knowing that the God of love shares in their pain and suffering. It is further a reminder to ensure our own homes are safe and secure from such a tragedy.

It is fitting that we are having our annual parish meeting today at the beginning of the Church’s Liturgical new year. The occasion provides us the opportunity to hear an account of the past year but also to consider the future as a community of faith committed to share God’s love and hope.

The season of Advent is:

  • A time of waiting
  • A time of reflection
  • A time for preparation
  • A time for dreaming and hoping.

We are invited by the Church to hope for what God has promised. Advent, taken seriously, has the potential to disrupt us and call us afresh to look at what is happening in our Church, in our relationships, in the workplace and wider community.

I hope many will join us for worship together, the meeting to follow and the pub lunch afterwards.