ANZAC reflection (Sunday 21 April)

Next Thursday is Anzac Day. As Christians, ANZAC Day offers us the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifice, not only of the 130,000 men who died at Gallipoli on both sides of the conflict (including 8700 Australians and 2779 New Zealanders), but on the sacrifice of all men and women throughout history who fought and/or made the supreme sacrifice to achieve peace for our nation.

The soldiers who fought at Gallipoli demonstrated a willingness to lay down their lives for their country and fellow soldiers. Their selflessness is a powerful reminder of the Christian principle of putting others before oneself and loving our neighbour as we love ourselves.

ANZAC Day is also a time to reflect on the terrible consequences of war and the impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. War is terrible – full stop. We are called as Christians to be agents of peace and reconciliation in a world that is often torn apart by conflict. Through our actions and attitudes, we must work towards and pray for a world where war is no longer necessary and where peace and justice reign.

As we seek to live as ‘salt and light’, we are called to be willing to put the needs of others before our own, to show compassion and empathy, and to work towards a better future for all people. It means recognizing that we are all part of a global community – that community for whom Jesus lived, died, and rose again. We have a responsibility to care for one another because we are called to be agents of peace and reconciliation, and to work towards a world where war is no longer necessary.

Grace and peace to you all,