Our community

A place of permanent welcome

In an area of relatively low Anglican membership, we are a small but faithful presence, sharing with many other faith communities the desire to serve God. Both of our churches are places where everyone is made welcome. We are traditional, but we value difference and diversity and are open to new ideas. The defining spiritual features of our community are love, tolerance, warmth and inclusiveness. We value hospitality, participation, and the gifts each person brings, regardless of age or abilities or colour or gender or any other personal characteristic. We love children and young people.

Photos by Brett Scapin

We are enriched by our connection with other churches and we respect the different identities of each church community. We value our connection with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and are active participants in inter-faith activity.

We know many people are seeking connection with God even if they’re not sure what they believe or not sure about the main beliefs of Christianity. Doubts and dilemmas are part of our experience too, but we continue to explore our faith in our community. We hope that anyone who comes to All Saints for the first time will understand immediately that they are a part of our community.

People gather outside All Saints to support public housing.
Cartoon by Dave Walker, cartoonchurch.com