Day of Pentecost (19 May)

Today we celebrate Pentecost Sunday. The description in Acts 2 of the amazing event of the Holy Sprit being given to the disciples 50 days after the resurrection, is steeped in mystery. There was a sound like the rush of a violent wind, but there was no wind. There was what looked like divided tongues of fire on each disciple’s head, but there was no fire. Each was able to proclaim God’s glory in a human language that was not their own, so that the many pilgrims who were in Jerusalem could hear them speaking about God’s mighty power.

Perhaps most significantly, the fear and timidity of the disciples that had caused them to hide behind closed doors was suddenly taken away. They were emboldened to speak out fearlessly about the truth of the risen Saviour. This was the beginning of the Christian era, and so Pentecost is often held to be the ‘birthday of the church’.

These events have never been repeated in the way that they occurred on the first Pentecost. However, the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church is constant. We should never forget that Jesus had promised that the Holy Spirit would come as advocate, helper, teacher, and guide. It is the same Spirit who is with us still. Let us thank God for all that the Spirit does for us and for the church!

Grace and peace to you all.