Climate Change and Social Justice forum

Anjali Sharma addresses the forum. Still at school, Anjali has since led a class action against the Australian Government on the grounds that failure to address climate change infringes the rights of the young.

Still the greatest moral challenge of our generation. In 2007 Kevin Rudd said that climate change was such an enormous challenge for governments across the world that in this country it should already be ‘beyond politics’.

More than ten years later, our national and global response remains woefully inadequate, and we are being called to action by those who will have to live with the consequences and will feel the full force of the impacts.

Failing to curb the human contribution to climate change is an injustice because those who have done least to bring it about will be hurt most:

  • Children and young people everywhere
  • Our Pacific neighbours and other vulnerable people
  • All creatures of the land, the air and the oceans.

The Rev’d Alex Sangster of Fairfield Uniting Church moderated the audience discussion with an outstanding panel, including:

  • Dr John Hewson, Australian National University
  • Anjali Sharma, school climate activist, strike leader
  • Professor David Karoly, climate scientist, formerly with the IPCC
  • Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change
  • Dr Sue Ennis, Secretary, Australian Religions for Peace Australia.
The Rev’d
Alex Sangster
Participants enjoy meeting and picking up further information from local climate organisations following the forum

Held with the support of our friends at St Philip’s Collingwood, this event was a discussion with outstanding panel of people, as they shared their views on the challenge and offered some insights into what can and should be done. There was also opportunity to connect with other concerned people and local organisations.

The event program can be download in PDF format:

Further information can be found on the St Philips Collingwood Facebook page.

Photos by Brett Scapin