Sixth Sunday of Easter

The Gospel reading for this week is found in John 14: 15–21

Our Gospel passage for this Sunday opens with the emotional moment of Jesus trying to make something plain to his followers: all he asks of them is their embrace of the love he has lived among them as the goal for their own lives. Coming quickly to the close of his earthly ministry, he can only speak of love and the assurance that the God he knows so intimately as Father will continue to accompany them through the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, who will also be their advocate in recognising that God’s love is what is most true. Jesus relies principally on himself as the object lesson to disclose this linkage of love and truth. He is acknowledging that choosing to see reality through the lens of love in the midst of everything is very difficult. The love Jesus wants his hearers to embrace is not an abstract philosophical concept but the lived reality revealed in the life, relationships and actions of a simple Nazarene who looks and talks like them and lives simply among them. Love is seen in his life as service and compassion. It is also seen in his strong protests against those who abuse this vision of the value of each person and the importance of an ethic of mutual regard and care. Instead of power as domination, Jesus invites those who meet him to imagine power that has as its goal the wellbeing of all persons regardless of social status. Jesus not only claims that God’s love is true; he also claims that God’s love is the source of life. This love is both the source of our lives and the goal of our lives. And how fitting it is for us to remember such love on Mother’s Day – a tribute to all mothers for the expression of love they show to all those under their care. Jesus showed great mother-like qualities of love and self-sacrifice. If we respond to that self-sacrifice and love, we will become His disciples. This means that we will follow him for the rest of our lives. Are you ready and willing to accept his call?

Fr Jonathan