Sixth Sunday of Easter

Over the next two Sundays, we were to have the privilege of two baptisms at St James. One is of a child who with their family has moved into the area from Glen Iris and I am advised late Monday that this will need to be re-scheduled.  The second one is from a family with long term connections with St James. Both occasions will be signs of encouragement to us all along with the hope that those who have worshipped with us at both churches in recent times will continue to part be of our community. I know our hospitality to the visitor has been a sure sign of our openness and willingness to embrace all on their spiritual and faith journey.

Next Sunday the 29th of May will be my final day with the parish community of South Darebin. On this day we will have a combined service at 10 am at St James. Please keep the Incumbency committee in your prayers and thoughts as they seek a new priest for the future.

Thursday the 26th of May is Ascension Day the end of the Easter season. How are we to understand what happened at Ascension? Two feet disappearing into a cloud. It is only mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles while the Gospels imply that Jesus is glorified on the day of resurrection. Throughout his ministry, Jesus has been preparing the disciples for this day when he will be no longer among them. An explanation is that while the disciples have been given no power of their own. Yet oddly enough this frightened and bewildered community of followers is given power and energy, courage, and imagination to proclaim and establish the Church. This seems beyond logic and the followers will receive the Holy Spirit in a short time to follow.

On the Ascension, we gain a glimpse of God that brings wisdom and hope to his followers who are now the feet and hands of the Risen One.

There will be two celebrations of the Eucharist on the day. One at St James at 10.30am and at All Saints at 7pm.