Blessings for Christmas and the New Year

The birth of the Christ child is a reminder to us of the wonderful gift of life we each receive at our birth. As a parent and now grandparent the innocence and joy of young children is a reminder to us of the responsibility that we all share in the nurture and protection of children, not only those related to us but particularly those who live in constant danger of abuse or exploitation, have insufficient food or health care, are denied education, receive inadequate love and care, or are forced to work in unsafe and poorly paid areas. We often hear the saying that children are the future, but they are also the present. This is one reason why I am passionate about the need for action on climate change and not disappointed but angry and annoyed at political and other leaders who are in denial about climate change and who protest about the need for vaccination against COVID.

As a person who believes fervently in the narrative of the Christian Gospel and our responsibility to pursue truth to power, the message of peace and goodwill towards all is paramount. The birth of the Christ child is an awe-inspiring moment in history. The humblest challenges the powerful. An unmarried woman is chosen to be the God bearer. The message is clear. No one is outside the unconditional love of God.

May this be our mantra this Christmas and in the days that follow.

Blessings for the season.