A defining moment

On Palm Sunday we begin the most holy season of the Christian year. This week is a defining moment that will change the face of history. Jesus is dangerous to the status quo, the rule of the religious and political leaders who have joined together to preserve the power of the Temple and to ensure the empire is respected and tolerated at many different levels. He is also dangerous to those who have followed him, as we see from Peter’s denial of him. Jesus is now a marked man. While many in the crowd shout hosanna, others are fearful and plotting.

Each Palm Sunday we are not re-enacting the story of the rejection, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus but rather retelling, remembering the loving and self-giving act of God who gave of himself for the redemption of humanity.

Holy week requires time and space. I have listed various times for community worship at both our churches during the week including the Great three days (The Triduum) of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter day. The details are listed elsewhere. I try not to have any extracurricular activities during Holy Week, saving energy for the Triduum. Imagine you are preparing for a long walk, preserve energy, and remain still for part of the day, eat lightly, and commit yourself to embark on remembering.

At this time, we stand with the church universal, warts and all, with the whole of creation to be renewed and restored as the broken and forgiven people of God.